May 8-12, 2019

5 Milongas starting at 10:00 p.m.

Show Gala Sao Paulo Tango Festival
May 09th at 8:30 p.m.
Sérgio Cardoso Theater
Rua Rui Barbosa 153, Bela Vista, Sao Paulo

Classes for all levels
From May 09th to 12th

Package with 15 lessons, 5 Milongas and 1 show invitation Theater Gala


Orquestra: La Juan D’Arienzo

The famous Tango Typical Orchestra will be brightening the unforgettable nights of Milongas in this 2nd Edition of the SP Tango Festival.

Formed by young musicians and talented elements of international level, they show the style of one of the greatest orchestras in the history of Tango. Pablo Vale:Piano and Andres Santarsiero contrabass; Pablo Ginzburg, Sebastian Frassón, Juan Pablo Cravenna and Emilio Pagano on the violins, and the bandonesons Ricardo Badaracco, Pablo Amado and Oscar Yemha, 1st Bandoneón Facundo Lázzari, in the voice Fernando Rodas.


DJ - Carlos Javier Moreira

Carlos Moreira – In 2005 begins his first works of musicalización in Milongas in Buenos Aires and continues taking energy and the best of the music to the Halls and Clubs by the world. Artist musicalizer plays the rhythm that brings the best of Milonga.


Photographer: Federico Paleo

Fabian Salas e Lola Diaz

Photographer: Michele Maccarrone

Joe Corbata e Lucila Cionci

Photographer: Paco Sanz

Mariano Chicho Frúmboli

Photographer: Shell Jiang

Chelsea Eng & Christy Cote

Photographer: Ronnie Stein

Vagner Ferreira

Photographer: Karen Siqueira

Rafael Martins


The International Tango Festival will take place in the first half of May 2019 and will bring the International Tango icons as well as bringing together expressive and award winning Brazilian teachers in the area.

The event will be brightened by the exceptional Orquestra La Juan d’Arienzo.

Participation DJ Carlos Javier Moreira who shares the sound of Tango interacting with the public, allied to the beautiful setting of the place and the joy of all.

Participants learn and improve techniques in the classes and enjoy and practice in the Milongas.

The Festival promotes the challenge of doing something innovative.

Come dance, learn and make friends.

Manager Direction – Vagner Ferreira
Executive Director – Lucia Junqueira
International Teachers – Fabian Salas and Lola Diaz, Joe Corbata and Lucila Cionci, Mariano Chicho Frúmboli, Chelsea Eng & Christy Cote
National Teachers – Vagner Ferreira, Rafael Martins
Musicians – La Juan D’Arienzo Orchestra
DJ – Carlos Javier Moreira
Costume Designers Gala and Milongas – Lucia Junqueira
Executive Production – Saracena Produções

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